Lectures & Seminars

Lectures are held at different times for the public to educate them and to help them to be able to live a happier life with their canine friends. I can do specific Lectures for groups. Feel free if you have a certain topic and you have a group of people who are looking for a lecture fee free to ask. I do a lot of different types of training and behavior modification. I love to work things out to help out with foster families or groups and for shelters and rescues as well.

Being a leader with your dog(s) will help to ensure that you have a polite canine companion living with you that has manners.  Whether your dog is a puppy or if your dog is having some basic obedience problems or behavior problems.  This lecture will help you understand how to raise your puppy, or correct these issues and have a well mannered canine.  This is a really good lecture especially if you live with more than one canine.

Understanding how to potty train your puppy. The easiest and quickest way and doing it the positive way.  By working with your puppy the positive way, you are also building up your puppy’s self esteem and their confidence level.  This will also help you have a start on building that great bond between you and your canine friend.