Learn to Groom

Do you want to learn how to groom your own pet, so you don’t have to pay for a professional dog groomer? Are you tired of bad haircuts from your groomer? Maybe they are not as professional as you would like them to be? Is the groomer not grooming your pet the way that you want or like or you feel it should be done?

I can teach you how to groom your own pet, so that you can do it the way you want. I can guide you into the best equipment that you can buy for what you need to be able to effective groom your own dog the way you want and no having to take your pet to a groomer. I have taught many adults how to groom their own dogs. I enjoy educating others on how to care for their pet the best way possible.

I have different types of grooming plans set up to help teach you how to learn how to groom your dog. I offer classes in the evening, on the weekend, or during the day. Can be in a class setting or have private lessons.