Dog Training FAQ's

What is the best age to train my dog?

The puppy is better to go through a class setting around 12 weeks of age. You want them to have their third set of puppy shots so that they are protected against diseases.  It is better to teach puppies at an earlier age than to retrain bad behaviors that are already learned.

Can an old dog, learn new tricks?

Absolutely any age dog can learn new tricks or commands. You just need the right motivator for them to want to learn something new for a reward.

Do you always use treats in your training?

No, not necessarily. Dogs and puppies will learn faster with a reward for what you want and they accomplish it. Dogs and puppies like different rewards, not all dogs are food motivated.

Do I need to train my own dog?

Yes, I recommend you taking an active role in training your dog. It will build your bond with your dog. You both will learn from each other.

Do you guarantee your training?

No, I do not guarantee my training. I can’t guarantee that you will follow my advice to the letter. If you do not do all of what I am advising you to, then it will not work. 

Can all dogs be trained?

Yes. You have to be smarter than your dog and know what motivates your dog.  Some dogs have limitations to them, so you have to know those before expecting something that isn’t physically possible.