Angela's Dog Obedience

Dog training and behavior modification

I offer a wide range of Training and Behavior Modification. I offer class sessions at Fur Kids Doggie Daycare and at Pampered Paws & Claws. I offer one on one training sessions and a board & train program. I have been training owner with their dogs since 1997. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

There is about ten different ways to train a dog to just about every behavior. It just depends on your time, the situation, and the owners’ capabilities as to which way you go about the different behaviors and commands. I would not train a Miniature Poodle the same way that I would train a German Shepherd Dog.

Class sessions are held at Fuzzy Butts, 3022 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati Ohio, 45211.

  • Puppy Class (4-week class) We cover sit, down, come and stay in the puppy class and we have puppy socialization if all the puppies are comfortable with it. $125.00
  • Basic Obedience (8-week class) We cover sit, down, come, stay and heel. We also cover basic obedience behaviors such as jumping, play biting, etc. $225.00
  • Advance Obedience (8-week class) We cover the basic sit, down, come, stay and heel. The classes are geared to being off leash. You must either went through the basic obedience class or take a test to make sure your dog is reliable for the commands to be able to advance to being off leash. $250.00
  • Open Classes (ongoing) This is a hour long class on various different nights and days after you complete the Basic Obedience Class. You can practice with others under Angela. So anything you might be struggling with to master or just want more distractions and be inside somewhere to practice. Each session is $15.00


One-on-one training sessions for behavior modification is typically done in your home. We can also set up training sessions to meet at a park or other locations depending on what type of training that is desired and what type of distractions that we will need to acquire the desired behavior from your dog. Evaluations are the first session that is set up to meet the dog and to see how the dog and owner interacts together. Then during the session, we will set up a plan of how to accomplish the desired behavior the owner wants and expects out of the dog. The first session is 90 minutes long. After the evaluation, sessions are usually scheduled for 30 minutes. This amount of time is better for the dog to keep focus and retain the information. Dogs need to build up to working sessions at longer periods at a time. Their attention span is short to start off with. If we choose to do more than a 30-minute session, usually would be if you have more than one dog living in the house or there is a lot of questions or information that needs to be gone over with the owners. There is not a specific number of classes that I can say you will need for training. It depends on what you are wanting to gain out of the training, how much you work with your dog and how consistent you are with your dog. Typically, you would need one evaluation and one follow up session. The first session which is 90 minutes is $125.00.

The 30 minute sessions after the evaluation is $65.00.


Board & Train is a possibility for a dog that the owner feels like they do not have enough time to train the behavior or are having an issue that needs some precise behavioral changes in a quick time frame or the owner doesn’t feel comfortable that they can handle the situation. My methods of training will utilize every interaction with your dog as a training session. This will allow within 2 weeks, time frame for your dog to learn all the basic commands and be a well-mannered canine. I also use the time and I am very consistent with every interaction that I have with your dog, which speeds up the training for the dog as well. I train your dog so that you don’t have to do a large portion of the work. This training is not for everyone. I will train you on how to promote the proper canine behavior to maintain consistency with your dog. If there is an issue with the dog not having a bond with their owner, this isn’t a training option that I like to consider unless there are other factors. The two-week board & train program is $2,800.00. This consist of the first initial class of discussion everything, keeping your dog for the two weeks, and then when picking up your dog, a session showing what your dog knows how to do and then one follow up class to make sure everything is going the way it is supposed to.